History of Solberg Agency in Grangeville Idaho

The Solberg Agency was started in 1902 by George M. Reed.

Grangeville Idaho
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West Main Street

1902 – George Reed Company (J E Graham side)

1920 – Eimers-Graham Company (J E Graham side)

1939 – C.D. Mccargar Agency (Oct 15th) (Solberg side)

1948 – Ted Bordeux Agency (Feb 1st) (Solberg side)

1951 – Haynes Agency 1959 – Nels L. Solberg joined the Haynes Agency

1961 – Nels L. Solberg bought into the company and it was then called the Haynes-Solberg Agency

1962 – Harold Haynes died and Nels Solberg bought out his interest. The name was then changed to the Solberg Agency. Over the next several years Nels Solberg added the Folden Agency, The Wolford Agency (4-30-1963), and the Foust Agency

1970 – Solberg Agency merged with George Gerrard who was the owner of the J.E. Graham Company. The name was then changed to the Solberg-Gerrard Agency

1972 – Nels Solberg purchased Mr. Gerrard’s interest in the business following Mr. Gerrard’s death, and later changed the name back to the Solberg Agency

1976 New Solberg Office Location

1976 (left to right) Timeylee Chadwick, Dee Bentley and Vonda Hall.

1986 – Don & Andrea Solberg bought the Solberg Agency from Mary Ann Solberg (Nels L. Solberg passed away August 1983)

Current – Don & Andrea continue to own and operate Solberg Agency, Inc., as an Insurance & Real Estate office.  Don Solberg is licensed as a full service insurance agency and offers Property, Casualty, Disability, Health as well as other surplus lines of insurance.     Don Solberg is also a licensed real estate broker and manages two Realtor/Agents, Judy Long and Todd Yocum.

History of Solberg Agency